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The adult star Tommy Gunn presented his first INTERACTIVE stereoscopic 3D production. As the director and producer of “Cummin’ at You 3D” Tommy Gunn has harnessed the latest stereoscopic 3D film production technology and combined it with a unique interactive experience, creating a new form of adult entertainment for both men & women.

The 3D interactive menus in “Cummin’ at You 3D” allow complete freedom to make various choices along the way, and experience the adventure from either Tommy or Sindee’s point of view! Those who prefer to just sit back and watch can choose the ADVENTURE RANDOMIZER for a completely unique & random experience every time.

The basic package includes two pairs of cardboard anaglyph glasses and the Premium package includes professional grade glasses with special lenses for superior 3D separation. The “Cummin at You 3D” DVD will also include field-sequential interlace format video for Use with stereoscopic playback software and systems that utilize active polarized glasses or glasses-free autostereoscopic displays.

So getting this interactive 3D DVD Movie you will not only be the passive watching the action in 3D, but you’ll be taking the decisions no matter if you choose to play the man or the woman side. What more than a good interactive stereoscopic 3D porn would you want to enjoy… so go and grab the Cummin’ at You 3D DVD.

In order to get the Cummin’ at You 3D Interactive Experience…