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Carol G in Under Fire

19, Jun 2013


Carol G in Under Fire. VirtuaGirl HD features sexy girls living and dancing right on your desktop. It’s a free windows sexy software that brings a new stripper every morning to your desktop. If you like hot babes, screenmates, stripteases, enjoy sexy screensavers, sexy wallpapers, this is going to make your day. And the best of all is that it is FREE!

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VirtuaGirl is a free software that brings hundreds of girls dancing and stripping right to your Windows desktop in HQ quality. The girls come to dance and strip on your Windows bar, while you continue using your computer, spicing up a bit your boring day.

When you install the free VirtuaGirl software on your PC you’ll get two different girl show downloaded on your computer and you can choose three additional more you like from over 600 models. Then the software randomly picks and downloads the trailer show of a new girl every day for free, so you’ll always get new and fresh girls.

You can control how and where the girls appear on the screen, so for example they will give you a break from work while they perform a strip show on full screen for you or they will be shown smaller somewhere on the side of the screen, so that they will not prevent you from ding what you do.

VirtuaGirls can also be shown instead of a screen saver on your computer, so when you are not using it for a while instead of some boring graphics it can show a girl dancing and stripping on the screen almost as like in a real strip club, but with the convenience of being at home.

The best thing of all is that the VirtuaGirl software can be enjoyed for free. It comes with unlimited free updates of girls and there is no obligation to buy anything ever, you can keep the software and the girls for as long as you want without paying even a cent. Of course you can buy a Membership that includes the full nudity show of every girl automatically delivered to your desktop every day. It goes from $9.95 to $14.95 a month, depending how long you commit for. Alternatively you can also buy Girl’s full show individually for as low as $2 and get just the shows you like the most.

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